Who We Are

We are a group of revolutionaries and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and we are ready to see math-based currencies dominate money exchange throughout the world. Our mission is to transplant old and inefficient financial technology with beautiful upgrades that anyone can use. We are creating a universal currency in app-form which has the required characteristics to become a global mechanism of exchange.

ONFO is a decentralized program and cannot be controlled by any one entity, thus securing its use throughout the world, unimpeded by manipulative forces. This is truly "The People's Currency" in its engineering.

This is not an ICO. Our team is comprised of leaders and volunteers throughout the world, contributing unselfishly to this effort. We will continue to innovate until we are able to provide the world with a lasting mechanism to enable value transfer, protect against inflationary damage, and reduce monetary policy abuse throughout the world. We the people are building this, as is our sovereign right as global citizens, to rise up and collectively change society in ways that help us most.

Please join us in this effort.