Why cryptocurrency?

First of all, read this if you really want to understand the answer to this question.  But in short, cryptocurrency is math-based and decentralized, making it very resistant to government devaluation and abuse.  Nobody owns cryptocurrency networks because of the way they are constructed.  Basically, the network is owned and controlled collectively by its users.  Cryptocurrency cannot be seized by anyone!  Unless you give someone access to your private key (brain wallet), the advanced cryptography ensures they cannot be stolen from you.  Plus, they can be sent instantly all over the world at very little cost. We believe that cryptocurrencies are evolutionarily superior to old fashioned fiat currencies.  Eventually, your grandchildren will laugh that you were ever willing to use non-math based currency!


ONFO isn't just any other cryptocurrency.  We use a social-based structure called "Network Mining" to distribute ONFO tokens, which creates a better experience for everybody involved.  ONFO is easier to use, easier to become a part of, better for the planet, and more versatile than any other cryptocurrency.  This is not an ICO!  The core development team is supported by donations.  Bitcoin gave us blockchain, and many other coins have followed, but ONFO is the first cryptocurrency truly designed for the masses.  The world needs a reliable decentralized currency for global use and merchant commerce.  ONFO transactions confirm in seconds, rather than hours (like bitcoin).  Plus, transaction fees are miniscule, enabling cost effective value transfer.  These coins split and bonus over time, so holding a few now will lead to holding many more in the future if you keep them!

How do ONFO ever obtain value if they are free?

As any network becomes larger, it naturally becomes more valuable over time. This is a mathematic fact.  When bitcoin first came out, the coins were worth almost nothing!  As bitcoin became more widely used, it gradually became much more valuable.  Bitcoins are valued at several thousand dollars each these days!  You can see this pattern in many other cryptocurrencies as the user-bases grow.  To date, no cryptocurrency has every grown very rapidly.  We have designed ONFO to grow symmetrically throughout the world.  It doesn't matter where you live.  If you have internet access, you can get involved right now.  Sign up is simple and takes about 5 minutes. We are building a world currency, one dedicated user at a time.  We believe your ONFO tokens will be worth much more as the program grows.

How can I earn Onfo?

First, you must be invited by an existing user.  Instead of using mining equipment to distribute coins (which causes an extreme amount of energy consumption and has high barriers to entry), ONFO is earned, first by signing up, and later by connecting others to your network. This innovative mechanism creates a community-based cryptocurrency that's easy to use and earn.  For each person you refer who lives in a foreign region, you will receive 15 tokens. For every person you refer in your home region, you will receive 10 tokens.  As the people you directly refer bring others into the program, you will receive 5 bonus tokens for each person that joins under them.  Not only that, but you will get 3 more tokens from the next layer of referrals, for a total of 3 reward levels!  The more you evangelize the program, the more tokens you will receive!  You will find they start stacking up fast with even a few personal referrals.

Where do I get a referral invitation?

A person's username doubles as their referral code.  In order to be fair to our dedicated community of members, our organization will not provide direct referrals to the program.  You must find someone to provide you with an invitation.  Once you know their username, you can join!

Is this a pyramid?

For something to be a pyramid scheme, by definition, something must be purchased.  There is nothing to buy.  This is simply a version of network marketing which most of us participate in all the time without even realizing it. The program only grows through referral rewards.  Through these rewards, we intend to grow this platform throughout the world simply by voluntary participation.  There is no cost to get involved.  In fact, the ONFO core development team are trying to earn them just like you are, through referrals!  

How do I sell my Onfo?

In the next few months, we envision tokens being available for trade on cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world.  But for now, if you would like to sell your ONFO, we have many interested buyers. We can help you connect with one!  Realize that the buyers will bid on your ONFO and bids will vary depending on the number of ONFO you would like to sell.  The buyers are accredited investors only. They will want to get as many ONFO as they can for as cheap as possible so be aware!   Please contact us at contact@onfocoin.com if you would like to sell your tokens!

What does Onfo do with my information?

We only use the information you give us to help verify that you are a real person. Your information is stored securely, and is never used for any other purposes or shared with any third parties.