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Welcome to ONFO

The Currency of the Future

ONFO is like Bitcoin, but this time the whole world can easily use it.  All you need to do is sign up to participate.  It is available online and will be available soon on your app store.

Join the revolution and be a part of this movement!  Signing up for ONFO is by invitation only.  Sign up is completely free and there is nothing to purchase.  We are building the largest cryptocurrency network ever!  Currency networks become very valuable when participants join.  The more people you bring in, the more tokens you will receive. 

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This is the People’s Currency

Simply put, you earn ONFO by creating an account and then inviting others to do the same.  You will be issued a unique invite code upon joining that you can share with others.  Signing up earns you ONFO, and as you sign up others, bonus ONFO will automatically arrive in your account.  Invite a lot of people successfully and you may be surprised how many ONFO you can earn without spending a penny.  This is a proven growth strategy and it is working beautifully.  The larger the network becomes, the more valuable your tokens will be.

Easy to use

Finally someone came up with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that everyone can use and be a part of!  There are no complicated private keys to worry about.  Using ONFO is as simple as managing an email account.  ONFO can be transmitted anywhere in the world in seconds and NOBODY can take away your tokens.  Transactions are almost instantaneous and fully secure.  This is going to be bigger and better than bitcoin ever was!  The earliest tokens are going to be the most valuable so get yours today!

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

Definitely not!  By definition, pyramid schemes require that money be invested or paid.  ONFO does not grow that way and no money is being invested. This is a growth model that brings out the very best of all people as they unite in a common cause.  Much like when you see a movie that you love or a book that changes your life, when you bring others in, it adds value to everyone involved automatically.  ONFO will not accept any money from people that sign up.  This is about building a strong community of cryptocurrency users.  Join the Revolution!

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Why do we need ONFO?

Power to the PEOPLE

Cryptocurrency is completely fair, unlike normal money.  It cannot be confiscated from someone that owns it.  Tokens cannot be counterfeited.  Unlike the government, there are a fixed amount of them in existence so your value cannot be stolen from you in the form of inflation.  These systems have been built by very talented mathematicians and cryptographers so they are extremely safe and reliable.


Eventually, all people will be using cryptocurrency.  Someday citizens of the world will be incredulous that we ever relied on currency which was not based on cryptographic proof.  We finally have the technology in place to allow fair and worldwide exchange from person to person without having to trust a corrupt central authority.  This is going to change the world!  This is your chance to make the difference we all need.

NOTHING ELSE is like it

Unlike other currencies that make great claims, this is the REAL DEAL and it is operational NOW!  There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies but few of them have even more than a few million users.  ONFO is built for blazing fast growth.  Referral-based growth models can consume the world in very short periods of time.  There are no limits to the amount of referrals or invitations so make sure everyone you know gets the news!


We are currently developing the app, and it will be available soon. You can still sign up today.

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